26 Wellington


Gentle Gentrification

The goal of this project was to transform this 1980’s office building in Parktown, Johannesburg without altering the existing structure. The brief was simple: Make it look as good as possible for as little as possible. Collaborating with team Vanrick, the architect designed and implemented a total metamorphosis for this old lady by deconstructing the structural 80’s elements existing 80’s and emphasising the distinct features. This was accomplished by using varied texture of face brick and smooth painted surfaces, updated windows and frames with aluminium frames and tinted glass.

The finishing touch to the building was adding louvers to the middle-row windows, a redeeming feature to a building that used to be monotonous and bland. 26 Wellington has transformed from a very typical South Africa 1980’s design of square, impersonal and inaccessible into a space where any company would be proud to show off their brand. It is a functional example of corporate architecture without changing the structure; a cost-effective face lift without drastic surgery. This project is a successful demonstration of how buildings too can be up-cycled and be beautiful and functional.