House Trethewey


Unencumbered Family Living

This lone standing house is set against a pastoral and equestrian backdrop of Bridle Park near Kayalami. The brief from the client was to create an easy-living family home, maximizing the view of the Sandton skyline.

The project was completed in 2016 for clients Shanaaz and Kevin Trethewey and the architect describes the house as a particularly smooth and delightful project. As a showpiece of residential architecture in South Africa, the style is contemporary farmhouse and the kitchen is the centre of the house and the flow of the project is evident in the seamless design. The structure is South-facing, in order to capitalise on the magnificent view. Yet all bedrooms benefit from the Northern sun.

The design narrative leads from unobstructed vistas, all-round veranda and cordial kitchen and dining area to private bedroom quarters. Big windows and sliding doors and veranda all adds to the open and inviting character to the structure with open rafters and a mix of smooth walls and face-brick accents to add to this unpretentious home.