House Vassanjee Eye Of Africa


Transparent Living

This beautiful study in modernist minimalism is situated in the Eye of Africa Estate.The clients required an open, free-flowing space where energy and people where central to the structure. Implementing principles of Feng Shui and beautiful structural narrative, the architect designed a home that showcases the people living there instead of the other way around. Employing Bauhaus symmetry, simplicity and functionality, the house is at once an aesthetical structure and also frame for the family that resides in it.

The house is designed around the central entertainment and living space with views on to the garden from any vantage point, reflecting family values and family get-togethers. The roof overhangs are particularly well designed; the windows are protected from the harsh sunlight and yet the overhangs do not depress the structure and overall lightness of design. The stairs, windows and doors are design features as much as they are functional. Water features, garden, lap pool, stand-alone work offices, green house and main building are all pieces, which combined, represents light living in every sense of the word. This example of residential architecture suggests opulence and effortless luxury.