Tampa Florida


Long Distance Affair

These two houses where headed for design disaster when the owner contacted the architect all the way from the United States for architectural services that would differentiate these units. The two separate family homes where in need of compact, clear design that stood out from the other houses around it. Situated on a riverbank, the design not only optimises the beautiful views with big windows and out-door living spaces, walkways and balconies, but also ads a touch of signature Pietman Lategan Bauhaus structure and simplicity. The rooms are spacious and airy with high windows and natural light, complimented by the interior design and furnishings. In both units the kitchen and living space are combined as one big open space, flowing out onto a balcony, with sleeping quarters on the third floor offering privacy and tranquillity.

The exterior is a balance of textures and geometrical shapes that oozes elegance with varied exterior wall colour to high-light design elements, wooden shutters, aluminium door and window frames, wood and stone cladding. The design is a proud beacon of South African architectural excellence and it is not a strange sight to see passers by stop to admire these sister designs, although same in design touch and style, still individually unique.