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Welcome to Pietman Lategan architects.

Established in 1996 and operating from a studio in Parktown North, Pietman Lategan architects produces residential, industrial and commercial projects, providing full architectural design, master planning, specialist project management and continuous support on maintenance if needed.

Although every project has a distinct personality and character, the Pietman Lategan touch is one of minimalism, structure, symmetry and modernist elegance. From corporate architectural projects such as refurbishing an old run down office building into efficient hub, to residential architectural projects like a sprawling estate residence the integrity of the environment, the client’s personality and needs as well as the purpose of the space are all woven into a bespoke design solution.

A building is never just walls, windows and a door. Or maybe it is, when you don’t take the purpose and personality into consideration. Layered textures, semi-industrial juxtaposed with rustic elements and a practical approach turns Pietman Lategan projects into buildings with authenticity and integrity. To have an experienced master planner like this on your team when you develop a space is not a luxury it is a necessity. To have the insight into what is possible, doable and affordable is value beyond the housewarming or ribbon cutting. To really maximize the full potential of any space with a long-term vision of comfort, opulence, longevity of style, practicality and potential for future reselling takes perception of place, people and purpose. Welcome to the home of architecture with intent.


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